Trendiest Loafers for Men to Wear and Flaunt

There are men who love to wear something truly stylish and comfortable to wear on their feet. Loafers for men are the staple choice for this purpose.  They are absolutely classy and can be teamed up with a variety of different looks.

You can shop from a range of the classiest loafers for men that have gone live this season. You will find them all on popular fashion centric online shopping sites. If you want to step into the most stylish ones, here are some suggestions that you can go for.

  • To stay high on style this season, you can choose from a range of the classiest tan loafers online. They can match your summer tees and cargos and can also be combined with your semi-formal summer looks.
  • If you want a pair that goes with each of the attires you clad, a pair of black loafers will surely do the job. You can work them up with your jeans and polos as well as with your office chinos and shirts.
  • For durability and style, leather loafers are just the best. They come in a variety of different colours. You can go for the grey ones to look in trend this season.
  • There is also a range of casual loafers available in a light hues that can be matched with almost all the everyday summer attires including jeans and polos. You can shop from a range of the classiest pastel shades and lively prints in these.
  • Cyber stores also have a dashing range of formal loafers for men to pick from. They are urbane in their designs and come in basic shades that are absolutely classy.

You should also shop from a range of other fashionable shoes for men. There is a collection consisting of the classiest canvas shoes that are perfect for the summer. There is also a range of casual sneakers that men can buy online. For the rider look, there is a range of boots for men to buy from. For the perfect work outs, you will find the perfect sports shoes on the online catalogue. For a chilled out look, there is also range of floaters for men online. You also have some money saving deals and discounts to save from.


Loafers for Men: Classic Slip-On Shoes for all Times

Like Oxfords, brogues and derby shoes are popular lace shoes, offering versatility, loafers are best slip-on styles that are multipurpose too. The only difference is that you can wear your loafers with any outfit, be it formal, casual or party wear but these lace up styles look better when you wear them with formal suits, trousers or pants. In a man’s shoes closet, loafers hold a special place. Find loafers for men online available in different patterns to suit your preference and occasion.

Loafers for men are comfortable because of their easy to slip in pattern, but more than that they look too dapper when paired with the right outfit. Loafers shoes generally have three categories- penny loafers, tassel loafers that are mostly worn as casual loafers and finally, the Gucci loafers.

You can buy these casual and formal loafers for men designed in a variety of materials and colors. The range includes leather loafers, non-leather loafers, suede loafers, and textured material loafers. In your shoe closet, you must have brown and black loafers as they are timeless staples.

As loafers for men got popular, they started coming in feminine styles. And, today even women and girls love this style of shoes.

There is a complete range of shoes for men available online which includes sports shoes, espadrilles, canvas shoes, sneakers, boat shoes, oxford and brogue shoes, sandals, boots for men, flip flops, floaters for men and others.

Brands offering a stylish range of shoes for men online are Bacca Bucci, Carlton London, Bata, Vans, Woodland, Converse, Fila, Red Chief, Bruno Manetti, Puma, United Colors of Benetton, Action shoes, Liberty, Shoe Island and many more.

Head online and start splurging in best shoe styles for men and elevate your below-the-knee style.

Shoes for Men- Styles Not to Be Missed

For men, shoes are of great concern. In their dressing, shoes play an important role. Unlike women who can experiment with wearing dresses with shoes, men have to be very careful while pairing their outfits with their shoes. So, here are some styles in shoes for men, call them as fashion staples or closet must-haves, they will ensure you kill with your dapper looks.


These mens shoes are essential ones for all your casual outfits. One or at least two pairs of these is something you should have in your shoe closet. They are your best friends for all times, from travelling to just strolling through the streets. One popular style in these is white sneakers that will go with all your summer outfits. Vans, Truffle Collection, Adidas and other international brands offer a great collection of sporty sneaker shoes online.

Sports Shoes

Like sneakers, they are too casual shoes but with a different purpose. They are designed for men who indulge in a lot of physical activities like running, jogging, walking, and playing sports. Hence, they are available as running shoes, hiking shoes, football shoes, etc. to give comfort to your feet while you are on your toes. You can also wear them while travelling, driving or anytime. Find the best sports mens footwear coming from brands like Reebok, Nike, Puma, Skechers, Spark, Adidas and more.

Slip-On Shoes

Moccasins and loafers are slip-on shoes that are available as casual shoes and formal shoes. Out of these two, the most wearable and favorites of men are loafers. These come in three basic designs- penny loafers, tassel loafers and Gucci loafers. They are comfortable, look stylish and go well with all your formal and casual outfits. Find these mens shoes online in leather, canvas and suede material.


For summers, sandals are a must-have pieces. They are available as floaters, Crocs sandals and gladiator sandals designed in leather and non-leather materials.

Formal Shoes

Your classic formal shoes come in form of oxfords. Yes, those lace style shoes that your father used to have in shining leather material. They are still the hot trends, just that the patterns in these keep evolving and what we have now in form of new oxfords, and brogues. More polished and more chic.

Apart from these, there are mens boots, espadrilles and slippers available online. These are select styles for men but if you browse through the online catalog of fashion e-stores, you will be amazed to see the range in these.

Stylish Shoes for Men: For Fun, Play and Work!

It’s not just women who are attracted to the good shoes. Even men like to be well-dressed head to toe and clad some of the most stylish shoes. There would be many men who keep their shoe collection always updated with the latest shoes in the market. And as now the fashion industry also focuses on the men’s fashion, they make sure to bring them the all new designs and patterns in shoes for men. They can now get the variety according to the occasion and the purpose of buying shoes. Get one for work, to play or for the outings with your friends.

shoes for men

Though men’s shoes are available everywhere in the market but if you want to get the best and the wide variety to choose from, then you must definitely head online. Buy men’s shoes online and explore a branded variety that comes from some of the good brands like Balujas, Metro, Mochi, Reebok, Fila, Bruno Manetti, Duke, Lancer, Numero Uno, Provogue, Puma and Converse. Let’s have a look at the collection of shoes online,

Formal shoes: Formals are for the men who need them every day for their office and also for boys who need it for the special occasions. You can discover so many types of formal shoes for men like the oxfords, derbies and slip on shoes. They are all available in different colors.

Sports shoes: You can also call it the running shoes. For all those males who are indulged into some physical activities. You can shop for these shoes online, available from renowned brands and classy colors. From the neon shades to the basic grey and black, you can find them in multiple colors and patterns.

Casual shoes: Casual shoes are something that are quite common among everyone. Men really like to clad them for the not so important occasions as they are comfortable as well as stylish. You can find various designs in them such as sneakers, moccasins, loafers as well as men’s boots. Look for them in funky colors as well as trendy prints and patterns.

Buy shoes online and also look for an assortment of men’s footwear that includes sandals as well as slippers and flip flops. Shop online and discover more.

Summer Ready Men’s Shoes of 2016

If you are one of those uncompromising men when it comes to style, you should not only have a collection of the classiest clothes but you should also have a shoe collection flaunting the latest trends of the season. That’s why, many cyber stores uncover a wide collection of summer ready men’s shoes of 2016. You should totally check them out to upgrade your collection. Many popular online shopping sites have the widest collection featuring the current designs. And from their huge collection, this is what you should surely buy:

  • Cyber stores bring you a wide collection of casual shoes that you can purchase from. You should surely give a shot to pure white sneakers. They are trending among the people of the world. There is also a funky collection of espadrilles shoes for men. These too are a trendy for your regular look.
  • You can also shop from a wide collection of loafer shoes online. They look all classy and are versatile enough to suit your casual, formal or semi-formal outfits.
  • These cyber stores also uncover a range of the most stylish formal shoes in their catalogue, They bring you the best of classic oxford shoes, stylish derbies shoes and also the handsome men’s boots.
  • And for all your fitness freaks, these cyber stores have uncovered a wide selection of sports shoes. You will find the most energetic looking running shoes in the online collection. Pick the ones that suit your work outs.

These cyber stores have the latest collection of shoes for men. Their collection is always updated with the latest trends of the season. Unlike the offline collection, these websites also make sure you save on what you buy. That’s why they have better price points for you. So, buy budget friendly and stylish men’s shoes online.

There is also a range of other men’s footwear online. You can shop from the classiest range of men’s sandals. These cyber stores get you a huge variety in these. For the summer, it is the best to shop from a wide collection of the best men’s slippers. They are the best to be worn at the beach, at the pool or at home. These cyber stores offer the latest collection of footwear online and also have some great deals that you can avail.

Women Footwear that You Must Have This Summer

Summers are almost here, and I have already started to revamp my winter wardrobe with the new summer collection. It is finally the time to abandon my winter boots (that I love so much) and shop for summer essential footwear. But I am equally excited to buy the new summer collection, as online shopping sites are offering the most stylish range of footwear for women. If we talk about shoes for women, they are being designed in endless patterns. Buy footwear online, available in brands like Catwalk, Carlton London, La Briza, Sole Threads, Lee Cooper, Khadims and many more.footwear for girls

There would be many women like me, who love to shop for shoes, more than bags or any other accessories. If given a chance, I would buy a pair every week. There are some shoes that are absolute must haves for every shoe closet, such as

  • Ballerinas: This summers, go for bold and bright prints in flat ballerinas. They are comfortable as well as very stylish. Women must have at least one pair of ballerinas. They are available in both casual and party wear patterns.
  • Pump heels: Nude pumps are the most fashionable thing among women, and you just can’t miss out on these pieces. They are the best picks for every party and can be paired well with dark colored clothes.
  • Sports shoes: Sports shoes are perfect for those days, when you have planned an adventurous trip or for your work out days. They are the most comfortable form of footwear, that also keep your feet protected.
  • Loafers: These easy to wear women footwear, are also the trendiest of all. To look more chic, shop for classy leather loafers, available in various colors and designs.
  • Gladiators: Gladiators are the first love of fashionistas. If you want to look fashionable, shop for gladiators online, available in various colors and patterns.

Shop for women shoes online and get several benefits as well as discount offers.