Shoes for Men- Styles Not to Be Missed

For men, shoes are of great concern. In their dressing, shoes play an important role. Unlike women who can experiment with wearing dresses with shoes, men have to be very careful while pairing their outfits with their shoes. So, here are some styles in shoes for men, call them as fashion staples or closet must-haves, they will ensure you kill with your dapper looks.


These mens shoes are essential ones for all your casual outfits. One or at least two pairs of these is something you should have in your shoe closet. They are your best friends for all times, from travelling to just strolling through the streets. One popular style in these is white sneakers that will go with all your summer outfits. Vans, Truffle Collection, Adidas and other international brands offer a great collection of sporty sneaker shoes online.

Sports Shoes

Like sneakers, they are too casual shoes but with a different purpose. They are designed for men who indulge in a lot of physical activities like running, jogging, walking, and playing sports. Hence, they are available as running shoes, hiking shoes, football shoes, etc. to give comfort to your feet while you are on your toes. You can also wear them while travelling, driving or anytime. Find the best sports mens footwear coming from brands like Reebok, Nike, Puma, Skechers, Spark, Adidas and more.

Slip-On Shoes

Moccasins and loafers are slip-on shoes that are available as casual shoes and formal shoes. Out of these two, the most wearable and favorites of men are loafers. These come in three basic designs- penny loafers, tassel loafers and Gucci loafers. They are comfortable, look stylish and go well with all your formal and casual outfits. Find these mens shoes online in leather, canvas and suede material.


For summers, sandals are a must-have pieces. They are available as floaters, Crocs sandals and gladiator sandals designed in leather and non-leather materials.

Formal Shoes

Your classic formal shoes come in form of oxfords. Yes, those lace style shoes that your father used to have in shining leather material. They are still the hot trends, just that the patterns in these keep evolving and what we have now in form of new oxfords, and brogues. More polished and more chic.

Apart from these, there are mens boots, espadrilles and slippers available online. These are select styles for men but if you browse through the online catalog of fashion e-stores, you will be amazed to see the range in these.


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