Guidelines to buy women designer sunglasses that can enhance your look

Designer Sunglasses for womenSunglasses give protection from blistering sun rays, clarity to see and make a style statement. Men and women have this irresistible urge to look stylish and confident. Fashions focused women buy trendy clothes, accessories and flaunt different type of make-up, hairdo compatible with time of the day. Sun glasses or shades are a great way to give an edge to your look. These days, non brand sunglasses are being sold in flea markets and malls. Are these safe to wear for long duration? Do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays? Popular designer sunglasses for women may look great on your face but safety of eyes is a big question mark. Whether you are about to go on a holiday or want glares to for daily use, if you are going for a sunglasses-shopping sometime soon, here are few tips which will help you to get perfect sunglasses.

  1. Ideal sunglasses are a perfect amalgamation of performance and good design. It should fit properly on your face. It must look good as well as protect your eyes from harsh sun rays. You may have shell out some extra bucks on branded sunglasses but they are totally worth of this investment. A good pair is durable, gives sturdy performance for a long time.
  2. It is important to buy glasses according to the shape of your face. If you have a round face, go for hexagonal or geometric shapes as it adds balance to your face. Wayfarers are ideal for people with round face. Women with high cheek bones can look glamorous in aviator sun glasses.
  3. Chose pair of sunglasses must not slip from your nose or fall on the ground when you are running. Get a piece that has adjustable nose and ear pieces.
  4. These days sunglasses with removable lenses are quite popular. They may cost you more but it gives you the flexibility to change lenses according to weather and outfits.
  5. An ideal piece should never leaves scratches or marks on your nose. It must be soft on this area of face. Branded sunglasses are designed with lot of care and it will never do any harm to your nose.

To conclude, when you go out for shopping for the right pair, you will be spoilt for choices as hundreds of sunglasses brands for women are there in market. Van Huesen, Ray Ban, Vintage, Gucci and Parda are some of the popular sunglasses brands. Remember to buy branded designer sunglasses which give style, clarity and protection from sun rays. If you are tight on budget, you can look for eye-gear on Indian online shopping websites. You will get to see variety of styles, models at competitive prices on Internet.


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