Ethnic Fashion for Indian style diva

Be it a pooja ceKurtis onlineremony organized in an Indian household or a festival celebration, there are times or occasions that demand women to wear outfits other than denims or western wear. Sometimes, a woman may feel like carrying herself in an outfit which reflects her cultural identity or gives her a sense of belonging. Ethnic women fashion is perfect for such times or mood. Stylish women love to experiment with their looks and carry themselves beautifully in ethnic garments.

Talking of ethic dress in detail, it can be a single piece or an ensemble of ethnic items including traditional or cultural elements specific to an ethnic group of people. For e.g Patch work skirt or saree can said to be a Indian ethnic dress as it has colorful patch work peculiar to people residing in Rann of Kutch belt in India. Therefore, an ethnic dress has “folk dress” elements.

One can spot an interesting variety of ethnic clothing for women in India. Indian Thread work or patch work skirts, women kurtis and suits are quite popular across the globe. Western women love to don Indian look on certain occasions while travelling to India. You can buy beautiful ethnic apparels such as women suits and kurtis online. Here are some ethnic Indian outfits that you can dress-up in to amplify your look and reflect your artistic taste:-

  1. Salwar Kameez:- Salwar kameez is a truly traditional outfit which symbolizes the feminine grace or beauty of women. The outfit has a rich history as Mughals first introduced it in India. With the passage of time, its design, style and pattern has progressed. One can shop for it in a variety of fabrics like cotton, brocade, georgette, chiffon or silk. Women can buy salwar kameez in Patiala style, afgani style, short kurti, long kurti, palazzo or sharara etc.
  2. Women Kurtis:- Fashion conscious ladies can rev-up their summer look by wearing kurtis in different colours, styles or designs. Women from age groups can feel confident and beautiful in kurtis. You can wear kurtis to office, parties or get-togethers etc.
  3. Designer Sarees:- Designer sarees with ethnic elements are quite popular due to sheer elegance and class which it exudes. One can shop for handloom sarees in unique designs and artistic patterns. Indian saree has influences western fashion too.

Fashion industry has transformed ethnic outfits from a regional or folk dress into apparel for urban working women. Technology has given to option to buy kurtis, sarees and suits for women to those who find it hard to take out time to go shopping to physical markets. Nowadays, anyone can look bright and chic ‘desi’ lady and cut the dash her with impressionable personality.




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