Trendy ladies bags: Fashion Staple for Women

Trendy Ladies Bags

Classy, elegant and stylish – handbag is an important fashion accessory for women. If you are a woman, you will agree that a bag reflects women’s style quotient as much as her dress does. Ladies love to shop for different type of trendy ladies bags. Designer handbags, handmade handbags have stolen the heart of women. It is a wonderful gift option for any girl.

Nowadays, a wide variety of bags are available online which you can buy for your lady love, daughter or for any other special woman in your life. Let us uncover different types of bags which you can carry to look glamorous and confident.

Different types of Women Bags

  1. The Handbag:- Women like to carry a handbag which is bigger in size to office or parties. It can be worn with formals or casuals. It is carried in one’s hands to look stylish. One can use a handbag to carry make-up pouch, mobile, keys, business cards or any other necessity.
  2. The Sling Bag:- This bag is worn cross body on one’s shoulder. It too comes in various styles, designs and patterns. One can carry it office, marketplace or gym. It looks great with denims or any other casual outfit.
  3. The Clutch:- One can carry a few things in a clutch to a party or any other social event. A glittery, stylish clutch in one’s hands quickly adds oomph to one’s dress. Clutches with heavy stone work, embellished with threadwork – a range of clutches are available for women.
  4. The Gym Bag:- This type of bag is quite spacious and looks great with sportswear. Women can carry towel, water bottle, wrist bands in a small, attractive gym bag to look great while in a gym. A huge variety of branded gym bags are available in physical stores as well online shops.

Handbags are also considered status symbol for a lot of women. Fashion conscious women like to create their ladies bags wardrobe and enjoy displaying it at social gatherings. Leather bags are fashion rage among women all across the globe. All said and done, bag is not just a women’s accessory; it emphasizes their complete outfit. Find a perfect bag of your choice to create your own style statement.


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