Best Corporate Party wear Dresses

Does your career revolve going around a lot of events, parties, fundraisers, campaigns, and so on? Then, it is an absolute necessity to look your best to make an impression. For men, the choices are pretty simple, while women need to take some extra efforts to deck up according to the occasion.

Things to remember before you pick the right Party wear dresses:

  • Ensure that you do not wear anything such as tight-fitting clothes, revealing, hemlines, or low-cut tops which leads to unnecessary gossips
  • Stick to something neutral and never wear something along with the theme, as it can turn out to be a little tacky
  • If you are going for an event where you need to stand for a long time carry some footwear which you are comfortable in
  • Avoid white color for party wear dresses as much as possible as it might end up revealing your flabs and bumps
  • Check your outfit in natural or white light to double check on how it looks good on photographs
  • It is all about a little shine by either wearing any diamond earrings or sandals which have some bling to it

Party Wear DressesNow, think about the events you are going to attend before choosing the attire. We have suggested some combinations which are quite safe and as well look good.

Keep it Casual: If you are going out for a weekend brunch or a meeting at a coffee place, wear your best looking casual shirt along with denim. Pair it up with a brown leather belt and tote bag which gives you an impression of who you are outside office.

Business Like: If you meeting or seminar is right after your office hours play it safe with the pencil skirts or black pants paired with a silk blouse. If you feel like being a little too formal, you can rely on your little black dress which comes in handy! Stick to wearing minimalistic jewelry and keep your make up extremely subtle, yet pleasant.

Traditional Touch: For any meetings, if you are too confused on what you want to wear, you can fall back on the good old cotton saris. They are light, comfortable, and make a stunning impression. Although, kurtis are too casual to wear for a meeting, you can choose an anarkali suit which does not possess too much flare and has very minimalistic design.

While, you have figured out on your dress, don’t forget to stock some essentials which may come to save your day.

Other essentials

Jacket: Have a dressy jacket which is made out of rich fabrics such as velvette, funky colors or a jacquar which can be worn over classy trousers.

Printed Shirts: Although, prints can give you a break from the usual, pick the ones which are small so that it does not overwhelm you.


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